Living Optics Camera: 
The Future of 
Hyperspectral Imaging

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Living Optics Camera

Spectral imaging
at video speeds 

Image with more information and speed than previously possible. 

Living Optics Camera


Portable camera with the compute power and tools to capture and analyse spatial-spectral information. 

Living Optics Camera


Familiar software tools for computer vision engineers to exploit spectral information in their applications. 

Living Optics Development Kit
Bringing spectral information to computer vision

The Living Optics Camera is a VIS-NIR video-rate spectral imaging camera.

Developers can now see the whole image, capturing both spatial and spectral information in real-time at video frame rates.

Engineered to integrate the capabilities of spectral imaging into computer vision and empower developers to explore and harness the advantages of Hyperspectral Imaging in their applications.

Living Optics Camera

Living Optics
Development Kit


Living Optics Camera

Imaging and VIS-NIR spectral sampling at video speeds. 

Edge compute

Edge compute

The GPU processing power for real-time spatial-spectral data processing.  

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit

Tools, API, examples
and tutorials. 

Field kit accessories

Field kit accessories

Waterproof carry case, battery, external data storage and tripod mounting.



Helping you on your computer vision journey.  


Designed for live image processing and analysis 

Integrates with your favorite software frameworks 

Build upon and enhance the latest computer vision models

The software development kit provides UI tools for camera control, data exploration and analysis with an application programmers interface to bootstrap your development.






Spatial samples 5M pixels 
Field of view (FOV)10-40°Lens selectable 
Spectral samples 4k High spatial accuracy samples in the FOV 
Wavelength range 440-900 nmVIS-NIR bandwidth 
Wavelength bands 96 For each spectral sample
Wavelength FWHM 8-20 nm Wavelength dependent 
Bit depth 12 bit Raw sensor pixel data 
Frame rate 30 fpsMax data capture rate 
Size 203x76x58 mm Camera excluding lens 
Weight < 1kg Camera excluding lens 
InterfaceDual FAKRA coaxial RF and 5m cables Combined data and power 
C-mountObjective lenses
(8.5 mm and 35 mm)Include lens hood with filter

Edge Compute 

Type NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™  
OS Ubuntu 20.04 
Type 2TB NVMe SSD + 64GB eMMC
Camera interface card Dual FAKRA coaxial RF  Card installed on the Orin MIPI CSI-2 connector 
NetworkingRJ45 10GbE
802.11 Wi-Fi
Size 110x110x84 mm 
Weight 0.9 kg
Power15-60 W Jetson AGX Orin 

Software Development Kit (SDK) 

Tools Camera control, data acquisition and processing 
API Application programmers interface 
Examples Examples and tutorials 

Field kit accessories (optional) 

Waterproof carry case Pelicase IM2400
Battery 88Whr providing > 2 hours typical operation 
External storage 2TB Extreme Pro SSD 
Mounting Tripod and arca-swiss quick release plate 


User Manual, Getting Started Guide, Certificate of Conformity

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