Join our Webinar on Snapshot Video Rate Hyperspectral Imaging for Computer Vision Applications


Don’t miss a chance to learn how to enhance your computer vision applications using a Snapshot Video Rate Hyperspectral Imaging Camera.

Snapshot video rate hyperspectral imaging (SVR-HSI) is an emerging technology that integrates the benefits of hyperspectral imaging with real-time video capabilities, offering significant advantages for a wide range of computer vision applications.

During the presentation, Daniel will explore the value, techniques, and advancements offered by snapshot video rate hyperspectral imaging in computer vision applications and highlight its potential to improve efficiency and performance in diverse domains.

Register today for Daniel Pearce’s presentation at the Vision Spectra virtual conference!

Date: July 18, 2024 ; Time: 01:20 1:20PM ET (06:20PM GMT)

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Vision Spectra Virtual Conference

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