Step into the world of hyperspectral vision using the Living Optics camera.

Deploy a fast and simple on-site hyperspectral data collection regardless of the environment.

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Discover more than

meets the eye

Living Optics Camera

Spectral imaging
at video speeds 

Image with more information and speed than previously possible. 

Living Optics Camera


Portable camera with the compute power and tools to capture and analyse spatial-spectral information. 

Living Optics Camera


Familiar software tools for computer vision engineers to exploit spectral information in their applications. 

Bringing spectral information to computer vision developers

A VIS-NIR video-rate spectral imaging camera for everyday use.

Developers can now see the whole image, capturing both spatial and spectral information in real-time at video frame rates.

Engineered to integrate the capabilities of spectral imaging into computer vision and empower developers to explore and harness the advantages of Hyperspectral Imaging in their applications.

Hyperspectral imaging
for everyday use

Living Optics develops hyperspectral imagers that are affordable and 
easy to use. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate hyperspectral imaging 
into the fabric of life.


Hyperspectral imaging offers farmers the data they need to better understand how their crops are growing as well as the impact of environmental factors such as soil quality and resource utilisation


Distinguish between different types of tissue based on their spectral signatures, improve accuracy of diagnosis and save valuable time


Find out how your products look in any lighting condition with hyperspectral imaging

Remote Sensing

Use spectral data to identify and follow objects, overcome challenges posed by shadows and obstructions