Hyperspectral imaging for everyday use Hyperspectral imaging for everyday use

Hyperspectral ImageryHyperspectral ImageryHyperspectral ImageryHyperspectral Imagery

Experience the world beyond what the human eye can see. Transform how you perceive the world.

Use cases

Living Optics develops hyperspectral imagers that are affordable and easy to use. Our vision is to seamlessly integrate hyperspectral imaging into the fabric of everyday life, a commitment that is reflected in our name, Living Optics – because we want to be an integral part of how people see and interact with the world around them.


Hyperspectral imaging offers farmers the data they need to better understand how their crops are growing as well as the impact of environmental factors such as soil quality and resource utilisation


Remote Sensing

Use spectral data to identify and follow objects, overcome challenges posed by shadows and obstructions

imaging Technology Imaging Technology


Distinguish between different types 
of tissue based on their spectral signatures, improve accuracy of diagnosis and save valuable time

Technology Technology


Find out how your products look in any lighting condition with hyperspectral imaging

Technology colourimetry

Curious to explore how to make the most of our technology?

Changing the way we see the world

We are dedicated to a future where hyperspectral imaging is not just a tool for the few but an asset for the many. Discover more about how our journey started in a Physics laboratory at Oxford University.