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The future will be seen in more than three colours

We are on a mission to democratize hyperspectral imagery. What was once a high-tech process should now be simple, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our cameras capture information inaccessible to the human eye and conventional cameras. We're making machines more accurate, more autonomous, more useful, and safer. Machines should see the world in more than three colours.

See beyond red, green and blue with hyperspectral colour at every pixel


3 colours


4 colours


+50 colours

Reveal invisible details

Better data, better decisions.

Our cameras provide more informative data for better decisions to be made. Below are some examples of where hyperspectral cameras are used.

Agriculture and food quality

Growing better crops and producing higher quality food: detecting plant stress, nutrient deficiency and disease, sorting damaged and bruised apples, identifying contaminants, monitoring freshness of fish, citrus fruit inspection, distribution of sugar in melons,...

  • Normal vision
  • Hyperspectral

Industrial inspection and process control

Rapid non-destructive inspection of material coatings. Finding surface imperfectons. Enhancing product quality control. Uncovering fakes. Waste sorting.

  • Normal vision
  • Hyperspectral

Remote sensing

Detection of gas and emissions. Environmental and safety monitoring. Determining biodiversity and soil health. Minerals and resource prospecting.

  • Normal vision
  • Hyperspectral
Our story

We invented our technology
by accident.

We needed a camera to take videos of laser fusion experiments. The frame rate needed was a few tens of trillions of frames per second. We couldn't buy a camera that fast, so we made one, a very unconventional one.

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